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What if you could live in a house that supported your wellness, from the design to the environment to the air quality?

That's what I do at  GULL INTERIOR DESIGN

My holistic interior design approach is about living life in a space that provides balance for mind, body, and soul. I've helped thousands of people live healthier lives in just the past few years by redesigning their spaces.



The Interior Design Process and Services: 

 Step 1:

I want to gather all of the information about your vision, needs, health, likes, and dislikes. During this step I outline all objectives, scope of work, budget, and timeline.


Step 2:

Here’s how your new space looks: 

Space planning (2D functionality plans) it’s one of the most important aspects of a well-designed and functional room, it creates the overall flow for the ways you’ll use it. 

- Concept design proposal presented as .Moodboard. We’ll share our design concepts for each room, including space plans, color schemes, furniture, finishes, textures and overall aesthetic 

- Once we receive your approval for the Moodboards, we’ll finalize the Concept design proposal in 3D Renders

- The 3D Renders proposal, always comes with a buying list with all the furniture, decorations and finishes  (purchasing details, suppliers list, price offers)

- For new builds, renovations, or any project that involves construction, we will develop construction documents.


 Step 3:

We want to make sure that the project comes out according to the concept proposals. You will have designers on-site for walk throughs or during installation of key elements requiring direction, such as lighting, furniture and art

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